Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An XML Mind Map (dating 2002)

I'm currently building a database of key slides and illustrations I have used during my carreer.

Here is a mindmap I did for XML Days in 2002.

The purpose of this mindmap was to explain the explosion of technologies around XML and why people could think that XML is simple but in fact it is not.

From this spaghetti, I made a kind of lasagne, that I called XEE (XML Entreprise Edition, like J2EE is Java Entreprise Edition).

Here was my picth in 2002:

Software AG's XEE: XML Enterprise Edition

XML has now clearly evolved to the enterprise standard for application integration. If the principles of using XML are simple, its integration in a company's infrastructure can become a real software challenge. In this presentation we will present our vision of the XML software infrastructure that can solve a lot of these challenges. This infrastructure allows to:
• adapt old applications to XML
• create new XML compliant applications
• build the required XML services (directories like UDDI, security, transactionality, routing, transformations, storage, synchronization, querying, web services...)
• plug in new kind of XML applications (BPM, Content Management, Portals, XForms, Mobile Applications,...)

The solution was an XML Enabled Service Oriented Infrastructure... which I believe is still the best integration pattern today.
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